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Modern Mercury Free Dentist in Gurnee, IL

When cavities develop, it is important to seek dental care for a filling. However, what’s all this talk about mercury fillings? We are faced with the issue that mercury fillings might be hazardous to our health, but neither side can agree for certain. However, we think it is best to avoid unknown toxins to be on the safe side of your oral health.

Mercury fillings should be avoided because, if you can’t legally throw them in the trash, then why use them on teeth? At Ariata Dental we use mercury-free fillings. To help you get a better understanding of mercury free fillings, let’s take a look at mercury and other filling options.

Mercury Free Dentist in Gurnee

In the past, if you wanted to avoid mercury-silver fillings your only alternative would have been gold. While gold works really well (and might be appealing to some), it is expensive and difficult to use. So, what options remain for better protection? Mercury-free fillings.  

With mercury-free fillings, you will have the option of porcelain or composite materials. The use of porcelain and composite materials help to restore the strength of the tooth. These materials also provide a more natural appearance to your tooth; you won’t see a mouth full of silver with these materials!

Nothing is as naturally beautiful as healthy teeth, but with the availability of mercury-free fillings in porcelain or composite, we can come amazingly close! Contact Ariata Dental about mercury-free fillings in Gurnee and how we can help restore the strength of your teeth when cavities happen.